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Our DNS Auto Discovery & Failover Systems Monitoring ensures that the moment we detect that your site is unavailable; your traffic will be re-routed to a backup server or page. We can also automatically re-route traffic back to the failed services once they are operational again.

How DNS Failover Works? Our main monitoring node checks every few minutes as you specified to ensure your primary IP is responding. The monitoring system is configured to check if your service is running on either TCP, UDP, HTTP, or HTTPS protocols, and on any port you desire. As soon as any of your services fail to respond from our main node. Requests of checking will be sent from at least 3 different geographic monitoring locations. Once your service is detected down, your traffic will automatically be moved to a different IP as you specified. This minimizes the amount of downtime that would result from an outage. The system will issue a check of your secondary IP to ensure it is responding before traffic is sent there. Multiple IPs can be specified for the failover. We continue to monitor your primary IP address and will automatically failback appropriately once the IP address is back online based on your monitoring settings.

NOTE: This service is integrated with our DNS system. The DNS Failover feature requires your domain to use our DNS to have the failover function. If you are using a different DNS than ours, please contact support for the additional DNS entries that are required to make it work.